Various Definition of Emo

If you ended up in this page, then you must be confuse and want to figure out what is the true meaning of Emo!

As most people already know, you can actually know if the person is Emo or not, simply by looking at their appearances. Usually they have long dark hair, smooky eyes with eye liner, piercing on the lips and nose, wearing tight jeans outfit, and manythings that distinguished them from a "normal" person.

I don't say that being Emo is not normal, but yea.. being Emo is not really normal. In fact, by its definition, Emo is "Emotional."

What the hell is Emo?

"The truth is that a definition of emo doesn’t exist; it means different things for different people. There are hundreds of definitions made up by people but not one of these can describe every single person, that is because the emo hair style and emo style in general changes, whether we’re talking about the emo fashion, emo hair, the emo girls and emo boys always alter their appearances.

Emo can be a term used to describe culture, including music, day-to-day activities, fashion and appearance. Many people are really confused about what emo actually is; especially those who have stereotypical views against the cultural movement. However, it is important to realize that emo today hasn’t got the same meaning as in the 80s; the term was ’stolen’ if you want. For example, in 80s, people who had today’s emo hair weren’t called emo."