My Son is Emo, and Gay too.

Recently I found a kind of funny question on forum. Its about a mom who get confused as her son turned to be a Emo and probably gay too.

Here it is:


Is my son emo or/and gay? whats the diffrence?

He's 15 and lately hes been acting very diffrent. he used to wear baggy/hiphop type clothes but now he wears black tight fittining clothes, he always seems sad, hes grades r going down and i walked in on him making out with this other boy. but he claims tht he isnt gay/bi even when told him tht it was ok. Is my son being emo and is thishim being gay/bi?

1. I have no idea what emo is but if he's kissing another boy than honey he is as gay as me and trust me sweetheart i am 125% GAY!! but he may have denied it because he is still ashamed. sit him down and let him know how much you love him and how proud of him you are. no consequences. let him know that he is the light in your life and no matter who he is inside you will always be there for him and that you will always love and accept him. but be sure to stress that he needs to be honest with you and his self. other wise things will get worse for him. let him know that he can talk to you about anything with no shame or embarrassment. and when he does don't laugh or winse any because that will scare him off. talk mature with him and treat him as a friend until he knows what you told him is the truth. he is very unsure of himself and everyone and everything right now. his whole world is upside down. if nothing else grab ahold of him and hug him and don't let go until he breaks. he may have put walls up in his mind and you may need to hug him until they fall. good luck and god bless. i hope everything turns out good for you and your son.

2. if all he was doing was makeing out with a guy i would be careful labeling him as gay. i am gay but i makeout with girls. some times makeing out is a EMOtional thing not a sexual thing. and knowing whether he is gay/bi/emo should not change how you treat him so you really dont need to know. how ever he sounds like he might be depressed and that is your responsibility to talk to him about. be as supportive as you can, make sure that he knows that you love him whether he is gay/bi/emo and offer to get him a therapist. i would have been a lot happier and healthier if my parents got me a therapist when i was 15.

3. Sounds like he's getting into the what is calle the dark culture.

4. There sex has no revelance, so men and women do it with either sex. But sounds like he needs help in school and finding himself, he might be gay or bi but ask him and listen to him first on his feelings. Maybe thats why hes confused.