Stop Calling me Emo, I hate it.

Another story of fifteen years old Emo boy who hates being called emo by his brother. I don't know what is so wrong with that, being Emo is just fine boy :)

Question: My brother keeps calling me emo =( ?

I can't take it anymore. He keeps calling me emo and it makes me so upset. I've been battling depression for the last three years and it's taken over my life. I am always sad. And my brother is always making fun of me when he gets mad. He takes everything out on me. I was sitting here today playing the guitar, and he comes up, pushes me off my chair, steps on my guitar, and says "get a life, you emo prick". I just don't know how to deal with him anymore. He makes me feel awful. I am so angry right now, and I want revenge because he makes me so upset. What should I do? I need some advice.


1. Awee.. well mostely people dont knwo what emos are... i know my lil sister that trys to seem popular thinks im emo cuz i got depressed for a fricking day when the boyfrined i liked alot dumped me, and ****. but ya.. your not emo, your just not okay right now... btw how old are you? im only 17 hey. trust me, it sucks.. but you cant do much...

2. You need to tell an adult in your life about your depression so that you can get the appropriate help. Depression can be easily battled with the proper therapy and sometimes medication. You cannot allow others to push you further into depression. Get help now before the depression gets worse, Look under Mental Health and you will find plenty of help. Good luck!!
Peace, Love & Happiness

3. If your young you should tell a parent. But don't give up! (: Your life will get better one day! Idk if you believin god... but go to church WITHOUT your brother and just pray, im sure it would help a lot. God can do a lot of things for you cause he loves you know matter what. (:

Scary London Emo Boys Picture

Another pic of british emo boy posing. For some reason, I dont like the pictures. His emo make up just dont feel right for him, especially the eye liner, it makes his eyes look pop out. Hair is fine. This pictures reminds me of the ghost in a horror movie. waaaaa...

Emo Guy London Pic

Pic I found on forum, this british emo guy offering everyone to check out his picture whether he looks good or not. umm...

Beautiful "almost emo" Asian Boy Hairstyles

Two straight Emo Boys Making Out infront of Girlfriend

Jessica asked his boyfriend, Jake, to make out with her emo best friend, Michael. Jessica loves to see his boyfriend kissing with another emo boys. aww... isn't this so hot???

Young Cute Emo Boys Kissing and Making out

I know, this is gay emo stuff... ;)

The emo trend is bigger than ever, especially for the teenagers out there. The teen population is divided into those that love the emo look and everything the subculture encompasses, those who loath it and those that could not give a diddly squat about it. This post is for those of you out there who love emo boys or for boys out there who love emo hairstyles and looking to get an emo haircut, prepare to be inspired!

2 Cute Hot Emo Boys in Love and Making Out

Don't care what people say about us, I'm so proud to show the world that we are one. I love you baby, kiss me. Aww.. what a sexy emo boys.

Funky Cute Hispanic Latino Emo Boys "Latemos"

Here in Washington DC, I dont see many Latemo or Latino Emo Boys, In fact, I have seen only one Latemo in my college. Hmm.. where are they?? ;)

Latemo /La∙tee∙mo/ Noun, proper. Taken from the terms, “Latino” and “emo”. Describes a person of Latino descent who is most influenced by the “emo” culture of softcore stylized artistic, musical, and fashionable senses. As you may already noticed, typically Emo boys wear black clothing and listens to sensitive rock bands.

If you're Latemo, please contact me and send your pictures. I'd like to add more Latinos or Hispanic emo boys on my blog. ;) thx

Adam Lamberts Emo Hairstyles

The first pic of Adam Lambert is absolutely my fav hairstyles. Don;t care about his pic kissing a guy, well.. actually its really hot! I wanna see more pic of him kissing another emo boys.

Cute Emo Boy with Cool Hair and Tattoos

This may be one of the hottest emo boy on internet. Well.. honestly I don;t know who he is! well.. anyways..

The major difference between emos and scenesters are their attitude. But I don't believe all 'scene kids' have an original personality, as you say 'dont follow the personality'. Yea, they dont follow the emo personality. But they still have one they mostly all have.. they think highly of themselves.

Another difference is, emos are generally natured to black. Scene kids love colors. Rainbows, neon colors..anything and everything!(Although I see emos starting to like rainbows now..xD)

Another thing is the 'obsessions'. Emos love, mostly Jack Skellington, and such things as that. While Scene kids are more into the look of say, Sanrio characters, like Hello Kitty. And also, Gloomy Bear is a big thing for them.

While emos and scenes are close to each other, I think the difference is more than what it seems. It isnt just the personality, but the style too. The common thing shared among them is probably the hair. But scene hair is most definately BIGGER.xD

You should be able to tell the difference, on the spot, from an emo or a scene kid. Guys are harder to distinguish than girls most of the time. But see a guy with a lot of confidence and he seems like hed have a big mouth on him, wearing bright colors, and big sun glasses..I think its safe to assume hes 'scene'. While a guy wearing mostly black, quiet in the corner, walking slowly..well, thats emo. But even if an emo doesnt follow the personality, you can still tell them apart by the overall style.

MIchael Castro: Coolest Emo Boy Hairstyle

If you know and like Jason Castro, our past American Idol, you will like his lil bro - Michael Castro. Michael joined audition in Kansas City for American Idol 8. First thing you'll notice is his mohawk hair style with pink color. it does really looks nice on him. And he also got that very cute smile. I would really like to see more of him in Hollywood. It's pity that he didn't make it to top 12. Well.. he still cool emo boy kinda. ;)

Weird Funny Asian Emo Boy

Not sure if this is categorized as Asian Emo boy. but look his hair.. Kinda like it though and funny too. ;)