Stop Calling me Emo, I hate it.

Another story of fifteen years old Emo boy who hates being called emo by his brother. I don't know what is so wrong with that, being Emo is just fine boy :)

Question: My brother keeps calling me emo =( ?

I can't take it anymore. He keeps calling me emo and it makes me so upset. I've been battling depression for the last three years and it's taken over my life. I am always sad. And my brother is always making fun of me when he gets mad. He takes everything out on me. I was sitting here today playing the guitar, and he comes up, pushes me off my chair, steps on my guitar, and says "get a life, you emo prick". I just don't know how to deal with him anymore. He makes me feel awful. I am so angry right now, and I want revenge because he makes me so upset. What should I do? I need some advice.


1. Awee.. well mostely people dont knwo what emos are... i know my lil sister that trys to seem popular thinks im emo cuz i got depressed for a fricking day when the boyfrined i liked alot dumped me, and ****. but ya.. your not emo, your just not okay right now... btw how old are you? im only 17 hey. trust me, it sucks.. but you cant do much...

2. You need to tell an adult in your life about your depression so that you can get the appropriate help. Depression can be easily battled with the proper therapy and sometimes medication. You cannot allow others to push you further into depression. Get help now before the depression gets worse, Look under Mental Health and you will find plenty of help. Good luck!!
Peace, Love & Happiness

3. If your young you should tell a parent. But don't give up! (: Your life will get better one day! Idk if you believin god... but go to church WITHOUT your brother and just pray, im sure it would help a lot. God can do a lot of things for you cause he loves you know matter what. (: